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Self service kiosk

Most special with AI technology ability kiosk in the market
Get Queue Slip
Clients information pre type
Cross procedure arrangement
People counting
visitor PDA data science


Self Service Kiosks

Not only a ticket printer, it’s connector of your business

maximizing intelligence, security, and convenience. At the same time, it protects customers with existing card payment terminals and helps them avoid financial pressure brought about by technological upgrading.

Refined body with multiple color scheme

Multi-purpose expansion

high-performance AI chip

Business process
customization framework


Infinity 2

Discover product highlights

8 inch biometric terminal

Infinity Embedded

Expanding infinite possibilities

8 inch biometric terminal

Color Series

Interactive Personal Butler

8 inch biometric terminal

Infinity Desktop

Safe & Fast Passage

8 inch biometric terminal

V1S Sunmi

Colorful and extraordinary

8 inch biometric terminal

T2 Sunmi

Safe & Fast Passage

8 inch biometric terminal

Core Abilities

A cost-effective cloud platform solution that saves effort and provides peace of mind

Smart Form

Global network connections and high-speed network bandwidth provide high-speed links for data communication from edge to cloud, making businesses smoother and user experience better. other and user experience better.

DPA Data Science

Support multiple algorithms, plug-and-play algorithm scheduling system to realize a unified platform to provide business support for different scenarios, users and monitoring objects.

Get Smart queue slip

Know the real Waiting time
membership Conversion QR display
Scan QR service your customer better

Payment gateway Intergration

Know the real Waiting time
membership Conversion QR display
Scan QR service your customer better

Sturdy and Pretty industrial design

Fast and easy visitor registration
No physical lines
Increased customer satisfaction

Booking & PWD Support

Digital signal notification
SMS notification when queue is coming
Customer can holding the queue not Lose missing the queue

Access Control Attendance Systems

Support Local and Cloud

The ODSL framework

A set of face recognition terminal business process customization framework that is developer-friendly. It can quickly complete secondary customization development without modifying the code, and realize business application expansion for customers.




Social media

Both sider communication free

FaceSec has transformed the push notification through innovation, from a traditional single channel into multi-channels, in line with the habits of the majority of users, and opened up communication channels with the world’s mainstream social media through API.

Medical grade zero contact temperature measurement

Using the uncooled infrared focal plane array technology certified by the American ASTM standard, FaceSec is not afraid of the complex outdoor environment. Its temperature measurement accuracy is within ± 0.2 °C, and it can measure temperatures up to a distance of 150cm.

Ports and connections

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